Wheel plastic troubles on my PC800

Since replacing my front tire a month ago I’ve been having a heck of a time figuring out how to get the plastic to snap back on correctly.  The left side piece is not reconnecting correctly.  There were a few posts on IPCRC from a few months ago with someone having the same troubles. I tried to follow the suggestions there but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas how to make my front wheel shroud whole again?

The mud is from doing a little off-roading/gravel/mud roads with the bike.  At the top of the plastic semi-circle you should be able to see where the plastic is separated.  Click through the picture a couple times to get a HUGE version to see what I’m talking about.

Here’s a close-up.  I can’t get the tabs to attach to anything and it seems that maybe the left side plastic is warped or something?

Looking at it from the front.  The right side plastic (left in this photo) is just fine.  The left side piece is screwed up though.  Any thoughts on how to fix it?

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  1. Douglas, I’ve just had a new tire put on my 96, and the dealer couldn’t get the plastic to line up either. I’m having other spots where it just won’t go back together like it used to. Maybe the age of the plastic? I’m thinking we have to learn to live with it.
    I’ve really enjoyed searching through your site, which I found linked from iPcrc.
    Hershey PA

    1. Scott,

      I’m afraid that you might be right… But there surely must be SOME way to do it. The previous owner had taken the shroud off and on a couple of times in the last year without issue. Maybe I’ll give him a call and see if he can give me pointers.

      I’m glad you like my site!


  2. Douglas,

    give it a try and loosen the four bolts a bit that hold the fender in place.
    This way you are able to move the fender a little bit while trying to line up the two caliper covers.
    I´m sure you will find a position where everything lines up well.
    I removed/put on the front wheel plastics numerous times and be sure – they WILL fit…. :-))
    Of course you would have to remove the caliper covers again to be able to tighten the four bolts of the fender when it is finally in the correct position…

    Good luck !


    1. Wolfgang,

      Thanks for the encouragement! I am not near my bike at the moment so I can’t look but… I don’t recall seeing a way to separate the caliper cover from the fender part of that same cover assembly. Will check it out tonight though.

      You mentioned four bolts total… I know that there are supposed to be four bolts as I’ve found the four tabs but my bike came to me with only two in place. Haven’t had a problem with it yet but I was wondering if I might be headed for trouble down the road. With my recent tupperwear party I also found maybe a half dozen other plastic retaining bolts missing. So far so good on plastic bits falling off but it does make me wonder where all those bolts went.



  3. Douglas,

    if I undestand you correct, I might have confused you….

    The whole “front wheel plastics” contain of three (exactly: five !) parts :

    The fender (the “middle part” that covers the upper half of the tire) and the two “side parts” that covers the brake calipers and the brake discs https://www.douglasvanbossuyt.com/honda-pacific-coast-pc800-parts-list/grid-number-f1/.

    Each side part exists of two parts, the caliper cover (which is in pearl white in your case) and the disc cover (the “round” part) – see here : https://www.douglasvanbossuyt.com/honda-pacific-coast-pc800-parts-list/grid-number-f5/.

    Now what I meant was that the “fender” – which is intended to be held in place by four bolts (#4 in https://www.douglasvanbossuyt.com/honda-pacific-coast-pc800-parts-list/grid-number-f1/ could possibly be not bolted on in the exact place.
    1 mm difference fore/after is plenty to give you a hard time to line up everything (as you have already experienced) !

    Therefore I suggested to loosen these four bolts again to be able to move the fender a little bit fore/aft/up/down while trying to line up the two side parts with the fender.
    I am sure it will work this way !

    Of course, when you are successful and everything lines up o.k., you will have to remove the side parts (caliper/disk covers) again to be able to finally tighten these four bolts.

    I would then remove one of the covers first, tighten the two bolts on this side, put on that cover again (which should now line up with the fender again when everything was done correctly) and then do the same on the opposite side.

    Oh, and another hint :

    Buy all of the plastic retaining bolts that are missing, and buy some more for just in case…. 😉
    You can find all their part #s here : https://www.douglasvanbossuyt.com/honda-pacific-coast-pc800-parts-list/

    Good luck !


    1. Ah that makes more sense!

      I had already bought a couple extra bolts but promptly used them elsewhere on the bike. Maybe I should buy one of those bags of bolts from e-bay.



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