Handlebar Glovebox for a Honda Pacific Coast PC800

Longtime PCer Joe Smith made me aware of this handlebar glovebox that Neill Thompson (according to Tim Davies) at one time made (or maybe still makes?). It fits in between the handlebars on a Honda Pacific Coast PC800 motorcycle. It will fit any year of bike.

I am not sure if Neill is still making these or if there are only a few available but it sure looks like a neat little product for our beloved PCs! It would complement a pair of trunk liner bags like Athena used to make.

Heading back to Monterey with a car full of cats

I had to dig out my car this morning so that I could head back to Monterey with Sunny and Poofy in tow. It kept on snowing but I was able to escape the mountains with chains on my car. The drive to the low country was gorgeous. I had snow covered roads all the way down to Shaver Ranch but wasn’t able to take my chains off until Cressman’s.