Albino Rhino 4×4

The Albino Rhino is a 1986 Toyota 4runner setup for long-term overlanding.  We are driven by a passion to explore and experience new places, new people and new things.  If we were driving a van, we’d use the hashtag #VanLife but because we’re in an old Toyota truck, #Overlanding is probably more appropriate.  Either way, we’re always in search of the next big thing.  Come follow along on our big adventures across the American west!

The Albino Rhino up on Richmond Hill with the Maroon Bells in the background.

You might be interested in learning more about the modifications and inner workings of our 1986 Toyota 4runner. Or maybe you’d like to learn more about communications on the trail. Or maybe you’d like to do some work with us on the trails.

All of our adventures in our 4runners are documented on our blog. Go check it out if you want tons of cool truck photos!