Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Front Wheel Bearing Failure

I suffered a nearly catastrophic wheel bearing failure on the front wheel on my Honda Pacific Coast on the way back from visiting my grandmother in Fresno.

I managed to ride it home but did some real damage to a few of the consumable parts in the front wheel assembly, such as this spacer collar.

The brake pads didn’t fare very well, either.

The caliper took a little damage but is still usable.

Stupid fuel leaks on the PC800

I rode my Honda Pacific Coast PC800 motorcycle to work today.  It’s been running well enough the last few months but I hadn’t really taken it on a long jaunt.  As I was going through Sherwood, I started smelling gas.  By the time I got to work, the bike was peeing out gas.

I disassembled the bike behind the office to try and fix the issue.  A little premium gasoline and some seafoam, and I was able to get the float valve unstuck that was causing the float bowls to overflow and dump fuel out of the vent port on the back side of the carb.  However, I can tell this problem is going to keep coming back.  It’s time to search for a new carb.  I’ve rebuilt this carb enough times that I’m getting sick of it.