Honda Pacific Coast PC800 Original Hondaline Optional Parts and Accessories

There were several Hondaline OEM optional parts and accessories for the Honda Pacific Coast PC800 when our motorcycles were new. This is a sales brochure from the 1990 model year that lists everything that was available. I got this information from this PDF that was uploaded to the iPCRC and elsewhere over the years.

Cover of the small Hondaline Pacific Coast PC800 Accessories brochure from the 1990 model year.
A wide range of accessories was available.

Hondaline Accessories for Pacific Coast – PC800 Part Numbers
08126-MR500 Rear Spoiler
08126-MR510 Saddlebag Spoiler
08118-MR500 Audio System
08162-MR500 Trunk Light
08706-MR500 Nose Mask
08154-MR500 Tall Windscreen
08154-MR520 Windscreen Mount
08111-MR500 Backrest
08361-MR500 Body Cover
08162-MR510 Inner Bag Set
08162-MR530 Scuff Pad Kit
08162-MR520 Trim Kit
08156-MR500 Front Mudguard
08172-MR500 Trunk Interior Mats

It is highly unlikely you will find any of these as new old stock parts but you never know. However, quite a few are available used or from third party companies that have reproduced or improved upon the original designs.

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