Stainless Steel Exhaust Option for the PC800 Motorcycle

Roger from the UK recently wrote me about a stainless steel exhaust system for the Honda Pacific Coast PC800 motorcycle. This is the first time that I’ve seen a stainless steel full exhaust for our bikes. I am sharing some of the information that Roger sent over in case this helps anyone looking for a different exhaust for our wonderful bikes. Roger writes:

– It won’t rot, it’s easy to fit and it looks neat.
– You can buy the front lower pipe separately.  This uses the o.e. sleeve gasket at the collector box, but not at the joint with the header pipe.
– It has a 10 year warranty.

– It doesn’t use the o.e. ‘sleeve’ gaskets, just jointing paste.
– The system isn’t balanced – it is two separate pipes and mufflers (which isn’t so important on a softly tuned engine?)
– The R/H mounting bracket requires a 15mm thick spacer in order to use the twin lobes of the original mount on the frame.  The system is not rubber mounted like the original.
– To remove rear axle the r/h can has to be swung downwards (remove mount bolt – which is accessible- & slacken joint clamp).  Doing this obviously breaks the paste seal on the pipe joint.
If you want silence than you MUST specify ‘California Spec’ baffles. They’ve sold over 50 sets to date and I’m the first one to complain.

Since they’re going to cut mine open and replace the baffles I asked if they could (at extra expense) weld in a ‘cutaway’ in the r/h can to enable axle withdrawal without having to ‘drop’ it.  I’ve no idea whether this is feasible.  They obviously have a standard can to which they add brackets and pipes to suit.

Roger from the UK

Predator Motorsports in the UK sells the stainless steel exhaust system. If you’re ordering it, be sure to ask for what Roger asked for — the “California” silent model which has extra baffles to quiet the exhaust down.

When you go to their website, use the search tool and type in “PC800 exhaust” to get the right parts. You will probably want to email with the company to make sure that you get the quiet version — it’s not what comes default from their factory.

One note that Roger really wants to emphasize is:

My complaint [is] regarding the noisy standard baffles – […] their standard baffles are obviously less restrictive than the ‘California spec’ in that apart from the noise element, the tick-over increases by 300/400 rpm – the only adjustment necessary.

Roger from the UK

If you are planning to buy this exhaust system, be sure to think carefully about how loud you want your pipes and talk to the manufacturer before you place your order to get pipes that are the right volume and level of restriction for your ride.

Roger’s stainless steel exhaust.
Check out that wonderful real left hand side muffler! All stock PC800s have a faux left hand muffler.
Looks great on the right side, too.
Looks great from the back!

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  1. Hello. I have a 89 Honda PC800. My rear exhaust is rusted out. Ive read all you offer. I’m not wanting to get a loud system. I like quiet system. Please tell me price and shipping to Jackson Tennessee 38305. Thank you

    1. Hi Charles!

      Unfortunately I don’t sell exhaust systems but you might be able to find someone online selling this particular exhaust system.



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