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Emily and I explored Juneau for five days as part of our Alaskan adventure. The photos below can’t be classified into other areas and have all been lumped together. These are all photos taken around Juneau.


A hanging glacier that is waiting… just waiting for the humans to be lulled into a false sense of security.  When we are at our most vulnerable it and its brethren will attack!


A snow-capped peak visible from the deck of Emily’s aunt and uncle’s house where we stayed.


The view directly across from Emily’s aunt and uncle’s house.  Cruise ships regularly ply the channel.


Looking at Douglas Island where Emily’s aunt and uncle’s house is located and where she spent much of her life.


Downtown Juneau filled with tourists.  It becomes very difficult to drive when the cruise ships are in port.


Alaska’s state capitol building.


A totem pole outside the Juneau history museum.


The governor’s mansion.  Sarah Palin never really lived here much.  Instead she always maintained her Wasilla residence.


There is a resident population of mountain goats on Mount Juneau.  We didn’t see any.


Emily trying on a hat at the state museum.


A float plane getting ready to take off from downtown Juneau.


Another float plane pulled up at the dock.


Emily tries on a tourist hat.


Looking toward Douglas Island.


The Mount Roberts Tram.




Another float plane taking to the skies.



Cooking in the kitchen.


Sunset from Douglas Island.

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It’s amazing how many new Vladimir Putin facts create themselves through the news every week!  Does anyone have any others?

  • Vladimir Putin is like the energizer bunny.  He just keeps returning and returning and returning to power.
  • Vladimir Putin has strong and vigorous relationships with all of Russia’s most beautiful and talented gymnasts.
  • Vladimir Putin would be James Bond’s greatest super villain ever.  So great, in fact, that the Bond franchise will not discuss the deal for fears of James Bond being killed outright within 20 seconds of the movie’s opening sequence.
  • Vladimir Putin doesn’t speak with his fists.  He speaks with his missiles.
  • Vladimir Putin will never consider buying back Alaska unless Sarah Palin comes as part of the sale.
  • Russia’s icebreaker fleet comes equipped with stripper poles for the exclusive entertainment of Vladimir Putin when he goes on vacation to the ice fields.
  • Twenty brave and valiant Russian submariners were killed when Vladimir Putin passed gas on a tour of a nuclear submarine.  Vladimir Putin has since harnessed his very occasional flatulence in a weaponized form.
  • Vladimir Putin will not give back the islands Russia took from Japan at the end of World War II until Japan delivers a sushi gift basket that is equal in size to the landmass of the islands.  Vladimir Putin loves sushi as much as he loves those islands.
  • Vladimir Putin has mastered Blue Steel, Le Tigre, Ferrari, and Magnum.
  • Vladimir Putin writes himself into daytime Russian television to the delight of the entire country.

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I’ve been slowly porting content over from my old website host to my new website.  It’s been a bit of a painful process as I had hand-coded most of the html on the old pages in such a way that it is rather difficult to move directly from one server to the other.  Back when I made the pages in question, I didn’t own a domain name and was thus hosting it off of my university’s top-level domain behind a “/~username” setup.  To bring them over to my new site, I’ve been replicating the content of the old pages into pages on WordPress.  I have also moved the photos from the old site, where they were static, to the new site and a Gallery2 installation that allows more flexibility with some tradoffs that I have discussed in earlier posts.

As I’ve been moving the content over, I’ve been placing it into pages.  The way I’ve understood pages and posts is that pages are for static content, such as my old travel photos and writeups, and pages are for dynamic content that rotates through, such as what I am writing here.  Pages are organized hierarchically in WordPress while Posts are put into categories and have tags attached.

Looking at my traffic patterns, it seems almost as if the pages that I have put up aren’t registering in search engines.  My posts certainly get lots of hits, as is evident by the traffic spike I had for my Sarah Palin Erotica post.  Who knew so many people wanted to read about her having eskimo threeways?  I didn’t!

Is there a reason that I haven’t been getting very many hits on my pages?  Is it because there are no tags assigned to them?  Is it from the plugin (Google XML Sitemaps) I use to generate sitemaps?  Is it somehow related to the way WPG2 displays images on the pages?

This all leads me to wonder if it would be better to put my old travel photos (and newer ones) into posts rather than pages.  Thoughts, anyone?

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