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On the way up to the Timbers game we saw a Yamaha XT225 on the back of an RV headed up I-5.  Someday that will probably be me!

 Dinner at Deschutes with Heather before the game.

 Heather didn’t believe me that the urinals at Deschutes in Portland are awesome.

 In JeldWen Field.

 We found seats directly next to the ones that Sean and I sat in at the last game.

The Timbers Army fills up way before the rest of the stadium.  People that have reserved seats show up about 5 minutes before the national anthem.  If only those sections had the energy of the Timbers Army!

The stadium filled up just before the national anthem.

 The players take the field.

 And as the game started the big dark clouds rolled in.

The Timbers Army celebrates the first goal.

After the first goal some people lit flares off on top of a building to the southwest of the stadium.  It was AWESOME.


When I root, I root for the Timbers!

 The round that Timber Joey cut for the first goal goes by.

The Timbers Army celebrates the second goal against Real Salt Lake.

 Heather and me at the stadium.

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