October 2008

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I’m authoring my thesis in LaTeX, a sort of scripting language similar to HTML that produces beautiful final results… that is, if you can get it to cooperate.

My current problem is with trying to use the graphicx package.  I can’t get a graphic to display correctly.  The code looks correct but it keeps throwing strange errors.  I copied the code verbatim (with changing the file i’m trying to insert) from a friend’s masters thesis.  It worked in his so I don’t see why it’s not working in mine.  We are using the same class files and whatnot and the same general format.

The problem comes (i think) in the width variable.  That textwidth doesn’t seem to be working correctly.

The Code:

\includegraphics[width=0.6\textwidth, keepaspectratio=true ]{figures/hofstede_onion.png}
\caption{Hofstede's Onion Model of Culture: Cultural Values are located at the core and are surrounded by Rituals, Heros, and Symbols with Practices drilling down from the outside to the Values center. Reproduced from \cite{Hofstede01}.}

The Error Message:

! LaTeX Error: Cannot determine size of graphic in figures/hofstede_onion.png (no BoundingBox).
See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type H for immediate help.
1.18 ... ctratio=true ]{figures/hofstede_onion.png}
) [5]

Thoughts, insights, ideas?


With the help of Alex (recommended by Anne), I was able to get the graphics files to pop out.  The key was switching from outputting into a DVI file or a PS file to outputting directly into a PDF file.  To do this in TeXnic Center, I went to Build -> Select Output File.  I then chose the PDF option.

Other problems still exist with my output, but at least some of the big ones are now addressed.  No doubt, there will be further whining for help as I progress with my thesis.

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Yesterday Samantha and I went on a lovely drive through the hills west of Corvallis.  We passed through Kings Valley among other cute little towns.  The trees were especially brilliant as the sun set in the west.



This power poll looked a little funny as we approached it. Upon closer inspection, we found that it was broken in half. The local power company had decided to fix it by bolting another pole onto the side of the first pole. It might not be the best fix in the world, but the poll seemed to be holding up well!


This afternoon, we went for a little stroll around campus to enjoy the warm afternoon sun and the beautiful foliage on the university trees.






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This evening Jaime and I rode our motorcycles west and south of Corvallis over the hills on Decker Road down to the Bellfountain Highway to Bellfountain.  We stopped in the little hamlet to take a few photos in front of the church on our motorcycles.  All of the trees are fully ablaze in color.  Every corner we turned, ever hill we crested presented us with a fresh vista full of Fall.



On the ride back, the air temperature dropped with the setting sun.  By the time we hit Corvallis, both Jaime and I were a bit chilled.  Next time I go out riding, I will have to wear a thermal layer or two.  The colder weather has arrived.

In related ride news, my oil level remains fine.  There is no evidence of burning oil.

I also purchased gas today.  1.55 gallons for 72.3 miles which works out to 46.6 gallons.  That would be the second worst fuel economy I have had to date.  The worst was from the maintenance ride I had to do a few months back.

In total, my ride was about 54 miles.  Jamie’s ride would be about 51 miles.

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