Southeast Europe


In the summer of 2012 Kristen and I embarked on a sojourn through Southeast Europe.  We visited Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Serbia, and Romania.  On our trip we played in the balmy waters of Dalmatia, explored the mountains of Bosnia, meandered over the fertile plains of Romania and Hungary, and enjoyed the cosmopolitan lifestyles of the capitals of Slovenia and Serbia.  Below we recount our journey in photos, videos, and words.  Come along for the ride!

Hungarian Exposition

Slovenia’s Cute Capitol City

Zagreb Wanderings

The Croatian Coast and Dalmatia

Montenegro Excitement

One More Day in Dubrovnik

Bosnian Blowout

  • Mostar – The famed Stari Most and the ravages of the recent civil war were sights to behold.
  • Sarajevo – A once proud city is slowly rebuilding itself.  Sarajevo has seen many injustices and tragedies during its many centuries of existence.
  • Transit to Serbia – The long drive through the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the four lane tarmac that links Zagreb with Belgrade.

Cosmopolitan Serbia

Western Romania

  • Driving to Romania – A drive through the countryside of Serbia and into Romania on the way to Timișoara.
  • Timișoara – A beautiful town on the plains of Romania where the Romanian Revolution of 1989 started with a student protest.

Back in Hungary One Last Time

Overnight in Amsterdam

  • Wandering Around Amsterdam – On a day-long layover in Amsterdam, I wandered around through the beautiful downtown and strayed out into the suburbs to find a Canadian named Duane.
  • Eating at Pyongyang – At the time, Amsterdam had a Pyongyang Restaurant staffed entirely with North Korean workers and serving delicious dishes.  I of course took the opportunity to sample the cuisine.


And thus ends my trip through southeast Europe.  And what a trip it was!

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