Substitute Front Turn Signal Socket for the PC800

As our bikes get older, there are fewer and fewer new old stock parts available from Honda. In order to keep our Honda Pacific Coast PC800s on the road, we have been finding generic alternatives. Brad B. from the PC800 Facebook group recently found that a generic 1157 turn signal bulb socket from eBay fits into the front turn signal housing perfectly like it was always meant to be. You will have to do a little wiring on the bike to tie it into the harness but it fits perfectly into the mirror housing.

As you can see, this generic 1157 turn signal bulb socket and pigtail harness fits perfectly into the front mirror housing.

According to the eBay auction that Brad B. purchased his generic 1157 turn signal bulb socket from, the manufacturer part number is: 65942N5666T2J0P. The manufacturer is: Partsam. This may or may not help you find the right thing.

Perhaps more useful to finding a socket locally, the eBay auction listing includes a cross-reference of what vehicles this socket works with. This includes most versions of the Honda Accord between 1998 and 2011. So if you go to a parts store, try asking for a generic turn signal bulb socket that will fit a 2000 Honda Accord (doesn’t matter what body style or engine).

Here is the generic photo of the turn signal bulb socket for the front turn signals that Brad B. found on eBay.

You likely can find the same 1157 bulb socket for sale at just about any auto parts store near you. The easiest thing you could do would be to take your mirror housing into the auto parts store with you and test fit the bulb sockets they have for sale until you find the right one.

And remember, if you have recently broken your front mirror housing, there are reproduction plastics now available. And you can find the star washers for our mirrors from a Honda auto dealer parts counter.

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