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  1. your garage looks like mine , and im a heavy duty truck mechanic
    At home all i got is long driveway .
    I have same kind of oil leaks you have
    But im doing a drive shaft u joint now . so the swing arm and the trucnk all that is off . going from back to front
    Also on my 84 sabre im doing painting , for now
    Going to finnish my friends engine swap that he started on it 10 yrs ago
    My pc is 89 with 95 engine with same oil leaks but mine goes down the back and drips also at water pump and oil filter
    Hate to say the fiberglass heat shield gotta come off

    1. Glad to know I’m in good company when it comes to garages! Did you trace down where the oil leak was coming from? Is it the head gasket or ?? I guess tomorrow’s project is that heat shield removal.

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